B & S Air, Inc. offers quality application service to our customers by both aerial and ground methods. We apply herbicides, fertilizer, insecticides, fungicides, and provide other application services to a wide array of customers and markets,


B & S Air, Inc. provides helicopter and fixed wing aircraft for fire suppression and support flights on federal, state, and private lands. Our experienced pilots and support personnel can aid firefighting crews by determining locations and behavior of wild fires, and by dropping water or retardant to suppress flames.


Tree planting has been offered by B & S Air, Inc. since the very beginning of our company. We offer hand and machine (V-blade or Tractor) planting of seedlings, getting your property into production by the best means available within your budget. We can provide genetically improved seedlings that are matched to your site. We also have extensive experience with government programs available to landowners to reforest their property.


A fertilizer treatment can be a great investment whether your stand is phosphorous deficient at establishment, needs a boost to continue maximum growth in juvenile ages, or you want maximum return from your crop trees at mid rotation. We provide quality fertilizer and application for our customers while watching the markets to get you the best price possible at your time of need.  We can also provide analysis, load tickets, and GPS data to assure you that your crop is getting what you pay for.